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Experience the Difference at No Limit Cages

Our state-of-the-art pitching machines are perfect for honing batting skills for all levels of Baseball and Softball players! It features the latest technology and 48 different pitches to choose from, allowing players to practice hitting different types of curevballs, fastballs, knuckleballs and more! With adjustable speeds, you can practice hitting like a pro in no time. There truly is no limit to your training ability!

Touch Screen Kiosk

The touch-screen kiosk allows batters to select their pitch choice at the entrance of the cage. Each cage will have their own kiosk operating the machine. The batter will have 48 pitch styles to chose from, including height adjustments and softball arc heights providing the best batting cage experience in Montgomery County!

pitching machine kiosk fully functional touch screen
baseball and softball pitching machine with hoppers
closeup of pitching machine baseball and softball


8 Baseball fastball speeds

4 baseball curveball speeds

8 softball fast-pitch fastball speeds

4 softball fast-pitch curveball speeds

Softball slow-pitch topspin 12', 10' 8' or 6' arc

Softball slow-pitch knuckleball 12', 10', 8' or 6' arc

Softball slow-pitch backspin 12', 10', 8' or 6' arc

front view of pitching machine wheels
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